Homecoming and Decoration are normally observed the 3rd weekend in May at New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Homecoming potluck will not be held. However, there will be refreshments on site

2020: Decoration will be held on Saturday, May 16 & 17, 2020. Refreshments will be available on site. Please consider a donation for upkeep and maintenance. For the health and safety of all, wear a mask and keep 6 foot social distance.

New Hope Church (circa 1928) Decoration Day and Dinner on the Ground As I remember it


Decoration is an annual observance at many southern graveyards. Folks gather to reconnect with family and the community, honor the memories of their ancestors, and place flowers on graves. Traditionally, families would arrive before Decoration with hoes and shovels for a graveyard workday. In private family graveyards they would scrape the ground, trim the grass, make new plantings, and prune old ones. Times have changed and New Hope, like most churches and communities, has established a cemetery committee to maintain the cemetery. Decoration & Homecoming is an especially appropriate time for families to donate funds that are necessary to support the cemetery upkeep.

To contribute to the upkeep of New Hope Cemetery, donate online or send a check to: “New Hope Church Cemetery”

New Hope CP Cemetery
P.O. Box 422                                      All Donations are tax-deductible
Madisonville, TN 37354-0422

Annual Decoration & Homecoming Celebration

Homecoming Celebration is a “welcome back” invitation to folks who have moved away. The day is a family, community and church reunion featuring Sunday worship (11 am), a potluck luncheon with plenty of food for all, remembrances, placing of flowers on graves, and visiting with friends and family. Families that have moved away return on this day, get an important opportunity to catch up, and for children to hear stories about their ancestors, and the communities in which they once lived.  Homecoming is a time of commemorating the past, reconnecting with family and community, and transmitting rituals and history to younger generations.

Family History & Genealogy

Folks doing family history and genealogical research will appreciate this opportunity to share information with each other! Bring your photos, history, and your stories.

To learn more about the cemetery and its history as well as listings, current needs, the endowment, and current projects, please visit our cemetery page. Thank you!