New Hope Cemetery, Madisonville TN

New Hope Cemetery

New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery
904 Acorn Gap Road, Madisonville, Tennessee 37354.

Located across from New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church, between Oak Grove and the old Loudon Road, on Bulging Branch (a tributary of Bat Creek), old Dist. 11, Monroe County Tennessee, about 5 miles North of downtown Madisonville near Sweetwater.

The cemetery is administered by New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The church’s Cemetery Committee, led by Roy Leslie, is responsible for records, reports and its ongoing maintenance and perpetual care. The cemetery provides space for members of the church and their families to bury and honor loved ones who have passed. 

Interment / Purchase Lots & Columbarium Niches

If you have questions about interment or wish to purchase a lot or niche, call Roy Leslie: (865) 466-4572. Before opening any burial site in the cemetery, call the phone number above. Lots or columbarium niches are $500 each and can be purchased in advance. Niches are for the family member who wishes to be cremated upon death.

Additional Policies

When purchasing in a lot in advance, marble or granite cornerstones, at least 4”x4” with initials, shall be purchased and installed by persons owning the plots at the instruction of the committee. The lot owner must notify the Committee of any change of address. Lot owners must remove excessive dirt and reseed the grave within 10 days.

Since lot, niche and interment fees do not cover the cost of upkeep and perpetual care, families are asked to regularly make voluntary donations to the cemetery committee to cover maintenance costs.


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Cemeteries require continuous maintenance and your voluntary ongoing support is not only appreciated but necessary. To help maintain New Hope Cemetery, you may make a donation online through the PayPal Giving Fund (no fees are charged and 100% of your donation reaches the Cemetery. You may also give in-person at homecoming/ decoration or in Sunday’s offering, or by mailing a check. Contributions are tax-deductible and our 501(c)(3) tax ID#: 80-0661387. You may make your gift in memory or in honor of a  person of your choosing. Make payable to: “New Hope CPC Cemetery Fund”

Send checks to:

New Hope CP Cemetery Fund
P.O. Box 422                                      All Donations are tax-deductible
Madisonville, TN 37354-0422           Thank you for your support!

Donate by a Bequest
To provide for the perpetual care and maintenance of the cemetery, the New Hope Cemetery Committee is asking for your help in creating an endowment. You can help by including New Hope Cemetery in your will or as a beneficiary of a trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Please contact us if you have made a bequest or named New Hope Cemetery as a beneficiary so we can include you in our annual report.

Cemetery History

This cemetery was begun a few years after the church was formed in 1868.

The first parcel was donated by the Moser-Airheart family who at the time owned the land across the road from the church.  The Boring family donated a portion in August 1966. Brenda Leslie donated additional land in August 2004 extending the cemetery back three rows. We are grateful for these generous donations.

Cemetery Listings
We hope this online cemetery listing will assist you in your family history and genealogical research. This is a work in progress, so please notify us of any corrections. Please consider a donation if you find this listing helpful. Cemeteries require continuous maintenance and your ongoing tax-deductible donations are needed and appreciated. Our 501(c)(3) tax ID# 80-0661387. Thank you.

The original listing thru Feb 13, 2002 was compiled by Harless K. Brakebill, Jr., member of New Hope C.P. Church. Harless Krauth Brakebill, Jr., 82., passed on November 29, 2004. RIP.

Additional information on families is shown when known. Submit family summary, questions, omissions and any corrections to .


Isham Airheart:: 9-3-1834==2-13-1924:: son of John and Jane Blankenship. grandson of old Nichola Airheart, Sarah Jane Moser his wife.1929:: dau of Frances Moser, Jr. and Eliz. Snider

Airheart, Sarah Jane Moser::4-19-1838–1-12-1929

Airheart, Wm. Reed:: 7-23-1907==11-12-1980–s\Walker& Hester

Airheart, E.J.:: 3-19-1858==4-27-1899–dau of Isham=Sarah

Airheart, J. Walker:: 2-22-1876==4-5-1956–s\Isham-Sarah

Airheart, Hester Samples:: 10-4-1878==6-6-1955-dau\Wm. S.

Airheart, James R.:: 11-22-1900==7-12-1925-s\Walker-Hester

Airheart, Bessie Mills:: 9-13-1899==4-17-1989

Airheart, James R. Jr.::11-28-1922==12-25-1983-s\J.R. Sr.

Airheart, Hazel H. :: 6-19-1928====== w\J.R. Jr.

Airheart, John Kile:: 8-6-1910==8-5-1960-s\Walker-Hester

Allmon, Becca:: 1-10-1856==7-5-1923

Anderson, John W.:: 6-17-1875==4-7-1920

Anderson, Jamie C.:: 4-25-1878==7=8=1965-w\J.K.

Anderson, Luther:: 2-22-1911==10-6-1918-s\above


Axley, John Ottis:::5-29-1917== 2-19-1995 (son of Phile & Hattie)

Axley, Edna:::: (wife of above) (living in 2002)

Axley, Samuel Douthard:: 8-10-1828==5-13-1901- s\Rev. James Axley – he buried county Line-high 11

Axley, Eliza Jane Dean:: 7-1-1835==10-6-1917-d\Fred. Dean-Eliz. Brakebill

Axley, Philander,(Phile):: 4-22-1872==8-17-1940-s\SD & E

Axley, Hattie Mae Kellar:: 5-5-1880==3-28-1970-d\Geo. w. Kellar-Matt Brakebill

Axley, Clara Mae:: 8-14-1901==9-28-1902-d\above

Axley, Jay Hugh:: 7-6-1909==10-9-1973 S\Archie&Samantha

Axley, Myrtle Huff:: ———– 1-15-2000 W\Hugh above.

Axley, James D.(Snow)1902-1967\ArchSamantha (son of Axley, Cressy Ann Sexton 1908==1943 W\above

Axley, Ida Belle Cansler::1909-1963 above 3 names on same stone??

Axley, Fred Lee:: 1-18-1935==3-29-1973

Axley, James Timothy:: 4-19-1959==4-20-1959

Axley, infant:: b\d 11-16-1933

Axley, Arch. Bascome 3-19-1869==6-19-1941. Son\S.D. and Eliza

Axley, Joe Solon:: 12-11-1917==2-11-1918 S\Arch. B. Axley

Axley,Beulah:: 10-7-1892==5-26-1925

Axley, Louie M.:: 5-30-1919==11-15-1961

Axley, Mallisa:: 3-13-1870==2-6-1943

Axley, Thomas M.:: b\d 2-13-1949–Louies son

Axley, Fred:: 11-9-1865==11-17-1917- S\SD&EJ

Axley, Charles R.=11-7-1930==7=13=2001 (son of Snow & C.A. Axley)

Axley, Tina E.==9-23-1932


Berry, Swainson C.:: 8-12-1912==6-5-1909

Swainson, Etta Turpin:: 6-28-1878==5-21-1975

Biereley, Clifford R.:: 2-20-1904==2-6-1967

Biereley, Bertha T. :: 3-6-1909

Bivins, Anna Faye:: 4-29-1942==5-3-1942

Bivins, Stephen D.:: b\d 1-26-1954(son of Wm.who was son of David)

Blair, Thomas S.:: 11-9-1875==1-29-1911–Murdered while dep. Sheriff

Blair, Margaret Cline:: 3-22-1875==7-30-1943- dau of jacob or John Cline.?

Blair, David:: 8-2-1872==6-26-1892-s\Wm.& SE Bro To Thomas??

Blair, Fred:: 6-23-1903==6-8-1966

Blair, Lillian:: 1-4-1910==4-3-1974-w\Fred??

Brashears, Jos.:: 1917==1976

Brashears, Myrtrude:: 4-25-1923==3-23-1991


Blankenship, Cabe:: 10-20-1929==7-4-1978-Sgt:USA Korea Blankenship, Joyce:: Md. 9-26-1952

Blankenship, Frank M:: 11-22-1835==5-29-1897-S\M>L>

Blankenship, Ernest, Sr.:: 6-23-1902==3-12-1990

Blankenship, Susie Mae Cagle:: 5-27-1901==2-4-1982 w\above

Blankenship, Myrtle Reese:: b\d 5-1-1934 dau\Ernest

Blankenship, Cecil Harlow:: 1-8-1939==1-23-1939 of Ernest

Bledsoe, Clay:: 10-22-1897==6-9-1911

Bledsoe, Dollie:: 6-2-1875==10-18-1925-w\Mose


The Boring family generously donated an addition to the cemetery in August 1966.

Boring, Samuel B:: 10-16-1876==1-19-1958

Boring, Lou Ella:: 12-19-1886==1-23-1971 w\Sam

Boring, C.U. *Cub*:: 6-14-1911==11-20-1974

Boring, Helen Dyer:: aug 21, 1925=======W\above

Boring, Randolph C.:: 11-9-1906==5-29-1985

Boring Zell Willaims:: 3-21-1920==3-23-1971 W\Randolph

Boring, Chris Burger:: 1915==5-22-1996 ??

Boring, Norman S.:: 7-??-1917==11-11-198

Hulick, Yolba Boring:: 3-22-1927==6-15-2005

Bruce, Robert D.:: 1910==1996-USN WW2

Bruce, Dixie Lee:: 7-15-1915

BRAKEBILL – Henry Brakebill and his son Wm. Brakebil, Sr. are ancestors of all Monroe county Brakebills (except for Joseph Brakebill brother of Wm. who is buried at NHCP) are not buried at New Hope but on a Knob above Bat Creek upstream from NHCP with Rachel brown wife of Henry.  Luvina Moser Brakebill wife of Wm. Brakebill Sr. son of Henry and Rachel wife of Wm. son of H (this Family Brakebill Cemetery is on Anderson road).  Peter Brakebill, 1760-1844 is buried in the Brakebill Cemetery on Nail Creek, Blount County, Tennessee with his wife Katharine Rorich Brakebill along with other Brakebills.

Brakebill, Peter:: 4-11-1838==4-20-1881-s\Wm-Luvina oldest marker found

Note: Md. twice:;Louisa Balnkenship–Fannie Pardue Blankenship, she and kids to Texas, Ca.

Brakebill, Luvina Moser:: 12-23-1817==6-18-1899 W\Wm.B, d\Peter-Polly

Their farm where Dupew now , old Loudon Rd. Wm. B. buried knobs

Brakebill, Joseph:: 12-1-1818==5-6-1882 S\Henry buried Knobs

Brakebill, Jane Blankenship Airheart:: 5-31-1815 ??==6-26-1896-W-Jos. dau of Spencer Blankenship-Mary Brewer-Widow John A.

Brakebill, Spencer:: 10-10-1841==9-3-1913 s\Jos-Sgt.Cavalty Confed. Army

Brakebill, Nancy Louisa Moser:: 3-17-1843==10-20-1902-dau Francis Jr. and Eliz.

Brakebill Ada L.:: 1885-1935-d\Spencer-Nancy

Brakebill, Adella *Dell*:: 4-28-1888==9-8-1994-106 yr old-of Spencer

Brakebill, Wm, *Gib*:: 6-27-1851==6-15-1922-s\Jos-bro above

Brakebill, Nancy Harrison :: 11-4-1856==4-2-1894- 1st wife

Brakebill, Anne Moser:: 5-19-1872==8-7-1898 –2nd wife-dau Israel Moser

Note: 3rd w\ Not known where buried

Brakebill, Robert Lee:: 8-19-1889==6-16-1890–

Brakebill, Charles Avery, Jr.:: 5-6-1915==11-26-1979-grandson Gib& Anne Brakebill, Eva Mae:: 6-24-1899==8-20-1908-D\Clarence Oscar-Bradley

Brakebill, Joseph Peeler:: 8-3-1856==4-12-1923-bro GIB-Spen., Big John

Brakebill, Sarah I. Robertson:: 10-25-1856==6-11-1892-ist wife

Brakebill, Nancy A.Barr:: 11-3-1869==6-25-1916- 2nd w\J.P.

Brakebill, John Edward, (Big John):: 11-7-1846==12-12-1921, Mary Moser:: 10-8-1849==7-16-1936- 3rd w\John-dau Noah M.&Mary Blankenship dau of old Spencer Blankenship.

Brakebill, Joseph Edgar:: 1-16-1879==3-23-1967-s\GIB, ancestor of Niotan Brakebills

Brakebill, Minnie J. Harris:: 5-29-1883==12-29-1964-w\above

Brakebill, Infant son:: 2-10=1902 of abvoe

Brakebill, John Cleveland:: 7-7-1884==4-4-1965–s\Jos E. above

Brakebill, Susie Musie:: 4-6-1890==abt 1890-2nd wife- !st wife Viola Huff, buried Friendsville

Brakebill, Anita Elane:: 3-23-1914==11-25-1919-dau of J.C.&Viola

Brakebill, Robert Taylor:: 8-5-1889==12-26-1889-S\John E. ??

Brakebill, Eva Mae:: 6-24-1899==8-20=1908- d\Clarence Oscar-Minnie Bradley, He buried Okla- she California

Brakebill, Mollie Jane:: 12-11-1890==6-19-1896 d\J.P. ??

Brakebill, Lewis P.:: 12-18-1899==6-14-1962-s\J>P>??

Brakebill, John Miller (Black John):: 4-28-1861==9-22-1932 S\Wm-Luvina

Brakebill, Sidney Anne Lowry:: 2-22-1862==4-1-1921-d\H.K.Lowry-Isab.

Brakebill, Alven Brunner:: 1895==8-24-1895==1955-s\J.M.&Sidney Anne

Brakebill, Theresa Blair:: 7-31-1897==7-13-1981-d\Thomas B-Marg. C.

Brakebill, Wm. Harris:: 9-24-1886==10-16-1980–S\John M. & Sidney Anne

Brakebill, Virgie Mae Summitt:: 11-26-1889==12-9-1971-d\John S. & Mary

Brakebill, Helen Lorene:: 6-26-1918==7-16-1919-d\above

Brakebill, Alma Sue:: 8-13-1928==3-4-1930

Brakebill, Golda Grace:: 10-23-1919==6-16-1937-D\Kelso&Della Peeler

Brakebill, Benjamin Lewis:: 1849==May 9, 1924- S\Joseph&Jane – no marker(lived Texas,died while on visit here)

Brooks, James Leon==1=28=1957==4-26-1957

Brooks, Patricia Kay==10-16-1963=========

Brown, Nellie Adriane::b\d 4-28-1976

Byron, Nathan J.:: 9=6-1830=======

Byron, Minerva:: 2-28-1834==12-29-1919


Cagle, Festus Merideth:: 11-3-1903==3-21-1905-S\W.I.&wife

Cagle, Robert Harrison:: 11-7-1888==4-2-1901-S\W.I.&wife

Cagle, Shady Lee:: 9-10-1894==1-30-1901-S\W.I.&wife

Cagle, Stephen D.:: 10-21-1921===USA 31st Div.

Cagle, Josephine:: 10-24-1856==8-6-1931 W\W.I.

Cagle, Wm. I.:: 8-4-1852==1-20-1934

Cagle, John J.:: 12-10-1883==7-5-1952

Cagle, Inez, M.:: 2-19-1888==5-1-1958 W\Jojn J.

Colboch, Alice T.:: 1-18-1920==12-24-1984

Chastain, Wane:: 8-12-1912==9-4-1913 S\J.B.&Laura

Callahan, Robert Bascum:: 4-14-1869==3-21-1946

Callahan, Naomi North:: 4-10-1883==5-7-1970 W\above

Callahan, Nancy Ann:: 6-23-1836==6-18-1923 W\Sam. Marion

Carroll, A. Lee:: 9-28-1885==8-9-1946

Carroll, Inez, J:: 4-8-1889== W\A.Lee

Carroll, Ralph G.:: 2-4-1933==5-10-1938

Clemmer, Mildred M.:: 9-19-1933==7-16-1934

Clemmer, Robert T.:: 3-20-1931==4-3-1936

Clemmer, Carolyn, M:: 6-14-1939==2-27-1943

Cline. J.F. James 1872::7-16-1934,Elizabeth:9-16-1873==7-17-1922- W\J.F,Bud–Nee Brakebill, D\Spencer B &Nancy Moser

Cline, George M.:: 1-3-1843==1-28-1917 S\John L. C.

Cline, Mary Harrison:: 6-10-1853==6-30-1907 W\above

Cline, Benjamin:: 12-12-1888==8-5-1957

Cline, Nellie Glenn:: 6-22-1916==7-11-1918 D\Benj.

Cline, Otto Shultz:: 11-13-1913==12- 4-1913 S\Ben

Cansler, Edith:: 12-26-1921==12-25-1988 she may be w\R. Turpin??

Clowers, Martha Ester:: 4-8-1917==4-9-19


Collins, Perry Lee:: 1837==1922

Collins, Sarah:: Buried Hopewell W\Perry L.

Collins Clarence:: 3-7-1917==12-23-1986- S\Burt–*Pete*

Collins, Catharine:: 2-12-1926======== w\Pete

Collins, Burt:: 2-14-1871==5-25-1952==S\Perry

Collins, Betty Artkins:: 3-10-1875==3-13-1945

Collins, Jimmie L.:: 11-2-1903==2-9-1911 S\above

Conner, Rev. J.C. (John Calvin) :: 8-5-1855==2-20-1916
Conner, Cordie H.:: 7-17-1869==10-26-1937

Conner, Bobby Dean:: 1935==1936

Curtis, John w.:: 3-9-1839==7-28-1904

Curtis, Nancy M. :: 5-9-1844=== W\above

Crye, Floyd R:: 5-5-1930==2-28-1994

Crye, Etta Sue P.:: 5020-1932== W\above

Dye, William M.:: 7-24-1905==11=17=1978

Dye, Creoldean(?_12-2-1908==1-21-1988 W\above

Dye, Wm. J.::1-1-1938==12-7-1980 (Jack)

Dye, (Mitchell) Jeri P Dye–5-6-1935–4-28-2001

Farhar, Kathey Ann:: 10-16-1961=== Dau\Wm J. :

Felty, James Isom–3-15-1906—6-13-1906

FRANK – This old family settled on waters of Island Creek and also near Fenders Church. They were of Germanic Stock and the ancestor of them is Wm.

Tolliver, buried here in N.H. They intermarried w\the Sheets=Summitts, Brakebills, others

Franks now on Coldstream Farm Rd and elsewhere

Frank, W,T.(Tolliver) 1836=3-29-1916

Frank, Margaret (Sheets dau of Jacob)):: 4-11-1833==4-15-1915
Mother Margaret Rule
Homeplace on Acorn Gap road across from now Oak Grove Church, toward Kincaid

Frank, Trainer:: 5-24-1894==10-30-1977-S\John L. Matt Brakebill

Frank, Myrtle Cooke:: 3-3-1893==3-27-1957

Frank, Rainey Leander:: 4-8-1867==9-26-1924-S\Tolliver-Marg.

Frank, Alice Summitt Cline:: 11-21-1863==12-10-1929
w\above,widow of Jacob Summitt, dau of Jacob Cline. Called Ttney Alice.

Frank, Maggie:: 7-27-1896==4-17-1897- D\Rainey-Alice

Frank, John L.:: 11-13-1858==7-7-1909-S\Tolliver-Margaret

Frank, Emeline(Matt) Brakebill, Summitt, Kellar.:: 4-7-1853==6-29-1923
Her third husband, she daughter of Wm. Brakebill, Sr.=Luvina Moser

Frank, Ike *Button*12-5-1908==10-18-1918

Frank, Robert L.*Major*:: 11-23-1893==11-1`9-1958-WW1-USA FA

Frank, Grace C.:: 4-4-1896 ===== W\Robert L.

Frank, J.B.::9-19-1922==3-12-1942

Frank, Malissey May:: 1-20-1914==10-22-1918

Frank, Robie:: 10-1-1910== W\George

Frank, George:: 12-2-1878==4-3-1932 *father*

Frank, Milburn E.:: 3-5-1924==6-3-1975–USA WW2

Frank, Darlene R:: 8-14-1932==7-18-1991 W\above

Frank, Glenn B.:: 4-9-1922==1-29-1945-

Frank, Gordon E.*Bud*:: 6-4-1918==11-11-1986

Frank, Charles Edgar Jr.:: 4-30-1926==11-27-1999

Frank, Charles A.:: 12-27-1901==2-26-1997

Frank. Lena Myrble Harvey:: 7-30-1908==7-28-1989

Frank, Junior:: 7-26-1923==3-9-1997 USA WW 2

Frank, Minnie Bell:: 12-13-1924—– buried 1-22-2001
wife of above

F F Grave??

Frank Ralph E.(Jack):: 4-4-1920==6-1-1989

Frank, Dorothy (Jean) ::12-9-1928=========W\above

Frank, Albert *Buck*:: 12-28-1928===========USN

Frank, Edith D.(Edye):: 12-9-1932=============

Frank, Stanley C.—12-29-1915–12-23-1983 (above Pine tree)

Frank, Josephine–6-3-1917===Feb ??? 2002

Gratty, Anna–12-3-1995–10-12-1995

GREEN – I believe the first Greens settled in Shortbark area.

Green,G.D.:: 1874==1927

Green, Tennie (Axley?):: 1872==1919 W\above

Green, Frances, 1-29-1905==1=13=1922

Green, L.C.:: 3-18-1855==10-4-1911

Green, Martha A.:: 6-10-1865==12=9-1947 W\L.C.

Green, Joe T.:: 11-6-1884= Green, Levi A.:: 4-20-1894==3-10-1977-USA WW1

Green, Helen Marriet:: 7-1-1921==8-29-1927 D\virgil & wife

Green, Virgil Dow:: 3-25-1896==11-21-1949

Green, Maybelle C. :: 12-25-1903==11-27-1991 W\above

Green, Opal Pearl:: 4-9-1923==12-20-1994 (could be W\Albert Frank??

Graham, `David Evan ????

Grasham, Casey Nichole ????

Gourley, Robert J.:: 1-23-1918==3-18-?? cant make it out?

Gourley, Inez W.:: 65-22-1924==10-30-1993 W\above

Huff, Oll:: 11-18-1905==12-28-1983 W\Eva Mae Leslie lived on Loudon road.

Hulick, Yolba Boring:: 3-22-1927==6-15-2005

Griffin, Mary Ruth:: 3-18-1913==10-16-1913

Kirkland, Joseph Homer:: 2-8-1918==12-9-1995 USN WW2

Kirkland, Ruth Peace =========== W\above

Kittrell, Stanley, H.:: 8-6-1917==6-19-??? S\Wm. P.-Maggie Johnston

Kittrell, Johnnie Sue McCullough (spelling)??4-7-1920============

Kittrell, William Pleasant:: 9-26-1889==11-12-1963 S\Solomon)

Kittrell, Maggie Johnston:: 11-24-1892==8-5-1962–

Kittrell, Solomon A.:: —-1820==7-11-1892

Kittrell, Mary Louisa Pressley:: 1824==11-20-1898 W\Solomon A.

Kyker, Joe:: 2-28-1952==6-7-1972–Vet Vietnam (killed auto accident)

Kyker, Joe H Sr.:: 4-23-1911==abt 199

Kyker, Louise King:: 7-11-1914==8-16-1999 Zettie Brakebill, Mother

Hansen, Elizabeth Mayo:: 7-2-1904==7-18-1979

Hansen, Mrs Grace:: 1904==1979 ??

Harris, Josep H., Rebecca Brakebill:: 1875===? D\Spencer\Nancy

Harris,Ramon, L:: 11-13-1915==9=28=1916

Gamble, Moses:: 7-12-1827==6-26-1909

Gossage, Ice B.:: 9-24-1887==10-16-1909- W\E.B.

Graham, Casey Nichole:: b\d 7-14-1978

Graham, David Evan Children??

HENLEY – Two sons of Thomas Owen Henley married Edington women, daughters of Sam Edington, early settler on hill above church on Coldstream farm rd. He built the brick house now owned by the Lay-Kittrell family about 1830. Jerry Lay and Wife Caroline Kittrell live there 1999. the Lays have owned this farm since about 1950. Thomas O. Henley and his dau Molie Henley and her husband Richard Henry Brakebill moved to Meigs County with other Henleys and are buried near Watts Bar in Hickory Gr. cemetery.  Other Henleys and Edingtons buried on Lay farm in family cemetery.

Henley, Margaret Jane:: 6-28-1891==11-6-1891-dau Sam\Emma

Henley, Frances:: 10-19-1899==11-24-1900

Henley, J. R:: 4-30-1836==3-20-1892-s\T.O. H.

Henley, Eliza Jane (Edington) :: 11-21-1842==5-13-1899 D\Sam E.W\JR

Hicks, A.H. (Asberry Houston Hicks) :: 7-13-1828==6-16-1890

A.H. Hicks is the father of Cordie H. Conner who is buried with her husband Rev. John Calvin Conner near Asberry’s grave.

I believe AH Hicks to be an ancestor of Louise H. and son Dan Hicks.
Louise had column in Madisonville paper about old days around New Hope.
He was a member of NHCP and an officer of the church.

Huskins, Essie:: 8-6-1889-23-1906

Huskins, Infant of J.P.

Huskins, Avery:: 12-26-1896==10-25-1918-s\ J>P>

Huskins, John:: 1-8-1846

Huskins, Mary Ann:: 3-27-1833==7-8-1922 W\John??

JOHNSTONS – This family came to the new Monroe county shortly after Cherokee Removal from Bo. County Several brothers to Fork Crk. Loudon, Sweetwater and Big Sam a 1\2 brother to Bat Crk. at Brakebill where he built one of the first grist mills in the new Monroe county They were of Scotch-Irish stock from the Carolinas. the old Johnston House which became the Burt Collins house is now gone Many Johnstons are buried in Glenloch Cemetery on Fork crk. I believe Jacob Johnston furnished lumber for the first frame New Hope church.??

Johnston, Horace Grady:: 12-18-1897==2-9-1899

Johnston, J.L.:: 9-27-1960==5-20-1902 S\Big Sam_Marg-they buried Glenloch

Johnston, Mary L. Roseman:: 4-9-1861==5-20-1922

Johnston, Laura:: 1863==1936 D\J.L.??

Johnston, Charlie May:: 5-1-1899==10-31-1902 D\Wm. F.

Johnston, R.S.:: 3-25-1880==12-15-1909

King, John D.:: 9-14-1877==8-25-1946

King, Zettie Brakebill:: 3-1-1883==2-14-1959

King, Wm.:: 5-28-19264==4-17-1971

Kimbrough, E.C.:: 5-13-1842==6-16-1913

KINSER – the Kinser family of Germanic ancestery; mostly Settled around St. Mary’s Lutheran church near McMinn County Line. they moved down from Greene county Tennessee. early 1820s. Most older ones buried there.

Kinser, Albert J.:: 12-8-1880==10=4-1914

Kinser, Cordie Brakebill:: 10-26-1878==1-7-1960 She Dau\John E.

Kirkpatrick, Alvin H.:: 9-14-1837==11-18-1923 – from Jeff. -Grainger Cos.
father of Floyd K.who married Pearl Brakebill – Lakeside area was Brakebill

Kirkpatrick, Millie Milligan:: 10-18-1878==8-17-1929-2nd wife of above

KELLAR – desc. From Phillip Keller and Katharine Moser of Hiwassee area.

Keller, Joseph E.:: 1884==1947

Keller, Gertie Brakebill:: 1886==1949

Keller, Clinton:: 1906==1976

Keller, Geneva Allen:: 1905==1973

Keller, L.A. :: 5-28-1861==9-1-1896

Keller, Hugh L.:: 8-5-1880==4-23-1940

Keller, Nellie J.:: 12-14-1900==2-29-1960 w\above

Keller, willie:: 4-16-1900==1-20-1902

Keller, Arlie:: 3-4-1902==8=27-1904 (same stone as Willie)

Lambert, William Hobart:: 10-18-1894==7-21-1980

Lambert, Mattie lee Shaw:: 7-23-1898===

Lee, Buster:: 6-24-1927==3-27-1928

LESLIE – this family has been associated with New Hope since James Wiley Leslie and Nancy Lee moved to the old Albert Lowry place on Loudon Road where descendents lived until ??.  They previously lived in the southern part of Monroe, prob dist 8.  They are of Scotch-Irish stock from the Carolinas. Family members are still active in New Hope Church today.

Leslie, James:: 12-17-1843==12-28-1913

Leslie, Nancy Lea:: 1844==4-14-??? *Nannie* W\above

Leslie, Lee W.:: 2-22-1885==12-10-1955-S\of James-Nancy

Leslie, Callie Blackman:: 10-12-1883=1-7-1936-D\Luther B.

Leslie, U.G. *Burr*;; 2-2-1880==6-13-1946-S\James-Nancy

Leslie, Bettie Brakebill:: 1-27-1889==6-25-1965 S\dau John M.\Sidney

127036.jpg (74598 bytes)

Leslie, Pryor B. (Brakebill):: 9-22-1918==7-23-1971-S\Burr-Bettie
Leslie, Juretta Mae Mangis:: 11-24-1916====== w/above

Leslie, Brenda Grace:: 7-27-2008 \ dau. Pryor B. Leslie & Juretta Mae Mangis

Leslie, U.G. (Junior):: 9-26-1912==12-8-1994 S\Burr-Bettie

Leslie, Etta Sue Collins:: 1-16-1906==5-6-1994 D\Burt-(Lakeside) grndau. of Perry Lee Collins

Leslie, Melvin A.:: 4-31-1928++ 5-27-1989
Leslie, Mary K. Brown:: 8-19-1`927 W\above

Leslie, Fred Ulysses:: 10-8-1935==12=28-1935

Leslie, Donnie Reed:: 10-26-1947==2-22-1958

David F. (Franklin) Leslie:: 20 Jun 1943 – 2004 S\Pryor B. Leslie
Brenda Taylor w/above


Logan, Fannie:: 10-31-1880==8=8=1904

Logan, Pulaski Wallace:: 7-30-1856==9-7-1915

Logan, Edith Salina rose:: 1-31-1859==5-18-1918- W\Pulaski

Logan, Nellie P.:: 7-27-1891==6-19-1909 D\P.W.

Lovingood, Viola:: 5-14-1913==10-24-1918

Lowry, Hugh Kelso:: 12-14-1928==10-15-1898 S| Wm. Mc. L.&E. Kelso

(Lowry, Isabella Cook) died Claremore Okla. on visit w\children

Lowry, Jacob:: 8-27-1859==3-3-1941- S\H.K.-Isabelle

Lowry, Amanda:: 12-5-1858==4-24-1942 D\Wm.B&Luvina Moser

Lynn, Johnny J.:: 5-28-1919==7-22-1977 (request for removal of body to Florida) Feb 13-2002??? Kyker Sweetwater to do job?

Lynn, Ruth Lee:: 4-3-1923======w/above (she peobably in Florida

Lynn, Betty Jane:: 6-22-1950==10-1-1950

Lynn, Theodore Tony:: 11-19-1951==1-4-1952

Lynn, Jimmy Franklin:: 10-28-1956==1-24-1957


McCall, Laura Brakebill:: 2-18-1883==12=10=1920-W\J.W. McCall

McCallie, Woodrow 2-2-1912==9-8-1993

Mc Callie, Alice Bell Smith:: 25-1909==1-22-1981 W\above

McCauley, J.Dewey:: 4-13-1907

McCauley, Velma Ray:: 7-6-1911==11-15-1957

McCollum, Beryl W.:: 5-22-`1923==11-11-1978 (Masonic)

McCollum, Juanita W.: 5-17-1926== (Eastern Star)

McCollum, Shawn:: 5-1-1959==8-6-1961-S\above

McDonald, G.D.:: 2-14-1871==2-25-1912

McDonald, M.L.:: 1-30-1866==2-25-1912 W\above

McKee, Melvin Lee:: 3-21-1947==9-2-1947


Mangis, J.A.:: 4-3-1826========= (son of Henry & Susannah Waggoner Mangis; married 2nd 12 Jan 1860 Martha Lane)

Mangis, Martha A.:: 5-27-1842==11-23-1902 (w\above; dau. of John W. & Eliza Shirley Lane)

Mangis Charles A.:: 10-12-1878==9-9-1946

Mangis, Betty Forshee:: 4-18-1880==4-28-1953

Mangis, Emory Douglas:: 6-6-1910==9-30-1910 S\above

Mangis, Charles Reed:: 12-11-1912==9-19-1985 (Marine Corps WW2

Mangis, Juanita H.==Aug 31- 1916 =====

Mangis, Margie Ruth Denton++6-5-1934===2=26=2002

Mayo, Rev. Charles W.:: 1-15-1870==2-20-1931

Mayo, Louella Eliz. Cline:: 5-21-1875==4-2-1908 W\above

Merriken, Elmer E.:: 1910==1970

Merriken, Margaret J.–1909–1989

Mullins, Nellie M.3-30-1894==10-12-1903 D\C.C.&M.J.

MOSER – this family desc of Francis Moser, 1-Rev. soldier, 1763-1836, buried Old St. Paul Lutheran. He ancestor of all Mosers-Summitts Monroe County They from Bavaria to. Phil. To NC to East Tennessee. Francis Moser 4 buried here son of Francis Moser Jr. (the Moser-Brakebill-Airheart House and farm on hill above rd on way to Oak Gr. church. Old Francis had three sons and one dau to settle in Monroe county Francis Jr. John, and Peter and dau Sarah Moser who md. Daniel Summitt. Three Brakebills md. Children of Francis Jr. On Hill.

Moser, Francis 4:: 5-23-1847==2-28-1919 Son of Francis M.Jr.

Moser, Mary Katharine Brakebill:; 12-1848==2-1-1905 D\W.B.Sr.&Luvina Moser

Moser, Arthur A.—9-7-1877 (B or D)?? broken down bt front fence, neware

Moser, Isham (Ice):: 10-14-1854==11=25=1934-S\Noah-s\John-s\Francis 1 S\Leonard

Moser, Betty Kittrell:: 11=24=1862==5-20-1907 (dau of Wm. Kittrell,??

Moser, L.J.(Long John):: 2-10-1825==2-10-1905-S\Peter, S\Francis 1, etc.

Moser. Bertha:: 7-25-1888==6-18-1890

Moser:: Ernest:: 6-3-1883==

Moser, Claude:: 7-8-1895==8-17-1923

Moser, Avan:: 4-1-1896==10-14-1918 USA WW2, Killed?

Moser, John Harley:: 11-7-1894==7=2=1966

Moser:: Dewey (Jack):: 5-11-1898==1-8-1969 S\Isham-Betty Kittrell

Moser, Vesta Belle Stapp:: 10-1-1900==1-9-1936

Moser, Lucille:: 12-1-1900==1-18-1895-D\Isham_Betty Kittrell

Moser, Dennis C.:: 11-19-1895==6-4-1986- S\John S.-Sarah Bingham

Moser, Georgia Anderson:: 11-2-1898==6-27-1994 D\Geo A.??


Parks, Hettie:: 1-26-1842==5-29-1911

Parks, Charlie:: 9-28-1878==7-3-1915

Parks, Jennie:: 6-29-1874==5-7-1932-

Parks, W.M.:: 10-12-1850==6-17-1937

Parks, Ann:: 2-14-1884==2-7-1960

Peace, J.T.:: 9-4-1916==9=25-1935 *brother*

Peace, Earl H.:: 5-7-1884==8=10=1944

Peace, Betty C.:: 6-11-1884==9-23-1974 W-Earl

Peace, Silas N (Dockie) ??:: 11-18-1909==1-28-1993

Peace, Grace Barr:: 4-9-1919??==6-1-1996 W\above

Peace, Bob S:: 8-17-1914==11-14-1898 USN WW2

Peeler, Clifford:: 3-26-1903
Desc. of Rev. Jos. Peeler who helped form NHCP.

Peeler, Kathkeen Peace:: 6-31-1907=========


Pickelsimer, Howard K.:: 7-17-1913==6-16-1978

Pickelsimer, Charlotte A.:: ===========??

Pickelsimer, Albert Lee:: 1894==1980

Pickelsimer, Margaret:: 1907====== w\Albert Lee

Pickelsimer, Scott Lee:: 5-21-1922==6-7-1923

Pickelsimer, Albert Gene:: 8-15-1918==3-21-1936

Pickelsimer, J.P.:: 1-10-1847==6-1-1914

Pickelsimer, Martha J.:: 11-4-1859==9-20-1941 W\J.P.

Pickelsimer, Bruce F.:: 12-7-1889==10-31-1969

Pickelsimer, Bertha Collins:: 6-9-1894==????? D\Burt-W\Bruce


Plemons, Horace:: 1895==1958-USA WW1

Plemons, Eugene:: 3-14-1932==12-16-1961 Vet Korean War

Plemons, Horace, Jr.:: 7-10-1925==7-21-1972

Plemons, Mamie S.:: 1898==1940

Pressly, Candace Arden===5-17-1979==5-14-1999

Presley, Avery R.:: 9-29-1894==10-4-1966

Presley, Bettie:: 7-6-1895==10-10-1963 W\Avery

Presley, J.B.:: 4-1-1927==11-2-1968

Reynolds, John:: 8-20-1889==10-14-1914

Rickman, Nellie Faye Wolfe:: 9-26-1935==7-19-1994

Rynes, Bertha:: 6-12-1911==6-18-1911

Shaw, Will:: 6-11-1863==5-4-1942 father*

Shaw, Sara:: 11-12-1875==5-20-1920

Shea Sarah J.:: 6-12-1911==5-20-1920 W\John

SMYTHERS (updated 7/10/2007)

Smythers, James W:: 8-12-1898==2-12-1966

Smthers, Elenora P:: 9-9-1914==9-6-1996

Simpson, Mrs Essie I:: D\11-13-1982==76y-10m-23d

Sprinkle, Gladys Callahan:: 1915==198??

Spangler, A.P.:: 3-18-1835==7-14-1920

Spangler, A.J.:: 4-4-1832==6-23-1912 W\above

Smith, Joe C.:: 10-11-1893==10-22-1953

Stallcup, Callie:: 12-5-1875==9-24-1920- W\LesterStapp,

Stapp, John:: 4-9-1868== 6-26-1949

Stapp, Addie:: 6-9-1870==11-6-1925 W\above

Stapp, Annie:: 5-14-1891==5-28-1911 D\above

Summitt, Erskine:: 8-5-1883==11-22-1913  – murdered by gang while he working Madisonville-Sweetwater Rd. or Vonore Sweetwater rd.?? – He son of Jacob S. and Tiny Alice Cline

Stephens, Sammie U.:: 9-17-1883========

Stephens, Will F.:: 5-12-1872==4-6-1948

Stephens, Mary L.:: 6-4-1877==12-15-1950

Stephens, J.D.:: 4-2-1846==2-19-1920

Sheets, David Crockett:: 11-27-1838==5-18-1903
S\John S. Ist Mail carrier From Hiwassee P.O. by horseback-buggy (also student boarding hse.)

Sheets, Rachel Luvina Brakebill:: 5-12-1846==11-17-1921 D\Wm.=Luvina

Sheets, Mattie: 10-13-1872==6-20-1896- Child of above

Sheets, Josie:: 2-26-1871==6-26-1896-Child of above

Tallent, Ella t.:: 4-19-1900==4-21-1969

Thomas, Catharine:: 1829==2-17-1909- *mother*

TINKER – this family settled on Old Loudon Road and descendents still live there and are very active in New Hope Church nearby (earliest Tinker on Bat Creek-nr Brakebill)

Tinker, W.M.:: 1852==1928

Tinker, Rena:: 1-4-1855==2-9-1935-W\above

Tinker, C.J.:: 2-28-1900==7-31`-1900

Tinker, Bell:: 1-15-1868==5-14-1950 W\Ike

Tinker. Ike:: 10-15-1870==4-25-1932

Tinker, Otta Lou Collins 1-16-=1906==5-8-1976W\Geo. dau\Burt Collins

Tinker, George W.:: 5-12-1901

Tinker, Reba W.:: 10-29-1913=======W-Ike Jr

Tinker, Ike M.Jr.:: 5-14-1908==7-6-1972

Tinker,______?? :: 12-4-19=1892=12-4-1899

Tinker, William C.:: 1897==1966

Tinker, Hazel I.:: 1900==1973


1. Noah Trout father of James Trout; Noah died in 1900 in Madisonville
2. Irene Trout (age 13) could be the daughter of James Trout; Irene died in 1902, age 13
3. James Allen Winder (father of Martha Winder Trout and father-in law to James A. Trout); James Allen winder died in 1906
4. “Fannie” Martha Winder Trout, wife of James Trout; Fannie Marthe died in 1920
5. James A Trout, son of Noah Trout; James Trout died in 1926


Turpin, Robert V.:: 3-18-1916==10-25-1944-Killed WW2 USA-Italy

Turpin, Katie A.:; 3-26-1898==10-28-1972- W\Orvie A.

Turpin, Orvie:: 3-25-1894==4-30-1950

Turpin, Matt J.:: 10-1-1858==2-20-1914

Turpin, Dora:: 1-1-1862==2-2-1952 W\Matt

Turpin, Lee B.:: 1881==1960

Turpin, Eemma Bates 1882==1947 WLee

Turpin, Annie Mae:: 5-4-1911==5-27-1912

Turpin, Jerry:: 11-13-1951==11-30-1951 S\Lee

Turpin, Lee:: 1-11-1913==9-26-1963

Turpin Ruby F.:: 10-8-1925=====??

Turpin, Garlan ::5-8-1932==12-26-1993

Turpin, Imogene:: 8-16-1930========

Watson, Ida Leslie:: 8-28-1875==10-25-1945 D\James-Nannie Lea

Watson, Nannie L.:: 2-22-1903==5-22-1903

Watson, Dwight Rae:: 4-20-1951??== 9-12-1991

Wattenbarger, Emma Sue:: 4-14-1934==7-4-1953

Wayman, Jimmie Lee:: 5-23-1943=======

Wayman, Clarence J.:: 8-15-1920==??- 25-1994

Wayman, Sue Peace:: 9-20-1921==

Warhurst, Betty Jo Isbill, Nee Wayman dau of Clarence &Sue Peace b-1940-4-18-2002 (husband Warhurst decd. Div fr. F. isbill, prob div fr. War.

Ex-wife of James Frederick Isbill (divorced) 2nd husband Don Warhurst ???

Williams, J.W.:: ======== D\6-11-1950

Williams, Zella:: 5-30-1980==3-22-1967

Williams, Roy R:: 11-6-1908??==3-12-1991

Willaims, Zell, 3-21-1920==2-23-1971

Williams, Sarah Jane:: 3-17-1906==3-11-1957

WOLFE – this well known family has been involved with New Hope close to its beginnings.  The first Wolfe of this family in Monroe County settled upstream from New Hope near Anderson Rd.  He and wife and sons Joaquin Wolfe, and His wife Sarah Moser and son John Wolfe are buried in Hiwassee Cemetery called Buckners. son John is ancestor of Wolfes listed here. The son of John, John Peeler Wolfe buried here at New Hope w\many of his descendents. Wolfes are still living here and active in the church.

Wolfe, John Peeler:: 2-1-1856==6-15-1910 S\John, Grnd|Jacob

Wolfe, Martha Tennesse Ramsey:: 11-4-1859==3-16-1942 W\above

Wolfe, Cora Jane:: 10-28-1881==8-18-1976 Dau|J.P.&Martha

Wolfe, John Franklin:: 8-24-1885==4-14-1965 S\J.P.&Martha *father*

Wolfe, Prudie Brakebill:: 2-22-1887==6-18-1952 W|above. D\Big John B.

Wolfe, Joseph T.:: 2-24-1892==1-17-1950 S\J.P.& Martha

Wolfe, Mack Gordon:: 12-32-1896==5-8-1960 S\J.P.& Martha

Wolfe, Jama Blair:: 3-21-1901==7-12-1961 D\Thomas B. & Marg. Cline

Wolfe, James Franklin:: 10-1-1922==2-6-1932 *son*

Wolfe, Jesse Milton:: 3-23-1900==12-30-1979 S\J.P. & Martha

Wolfe, Virginia Peace:: 8-22-1905==6-4-1983 W\above

Wolfe, Frank L.:: 1-10-1932==2-5-1932

Wolfe, Woodrow:: 9-10-1914==4-23-1957

Wolfe, Horace Brunner:: 5-6-1894==10-10-1971 S\J.P.& Martha Ramsey

Wolfe, Amy Lea: 5-3-1911==8-24-1982 W\above

Wolfe, Horace Brunner Jr.:: 3-26-1919==living
Wolfe, Bertha Mae:: 6-14-1921=6-14-21-10-2-2003 W\above

Wolfe, Tommie Duel Maxine:: 3-9-1914==12-5-1992

Wolfe, Johnnie W. Sr.:: 4-13-1917==3-25-1998

Wolfe, Earl Brakebill:: 7-13-1924==9-22-1989 S\J.P.& Martha Ramsey


Woods, Mary:: Jan 1912==Oct 1990 *sister*

Woods, Clyde:: 10-9-1904==6-26-1913

Woods, Shirley Bernice:: 10-9-1937==10-10-1937??

Woods, Willie, June:: 5-8-1936==8-2-1943

Woods, Edgar Lee:: 7-24-1881==3-16-1955

Woods, Parlee:: 1-18-1883==10-28-1963 W\above

Worthy, Nancy J.:: 11-30-1865==6-25-1869

Worthy, Louis:: 2-25-1868==7-17-1868

Yearwood, Richard Jr.:: 1-31-1919==6-3-1981 *dad*

Yearwood, Sylvia Sue:: 8-18-1931 W\above

Yearwood, David Eugene:: 6-13-1955==6-1-1972 S\above

Yearwood, Stephen Walter:: 7-28-1958==11-29-1958 S\Geo. W.

Yates, Wayne:: 11-6-1914==5-6-1915  S\Rev. L.C. Yates

 [please check Wayne — family says he was born 11-16-1914]


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